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Touch Your Junk, It’s the Biz

Testicular Cancer Awareness at the Carrington College California Health Fair

A Health Fair was held on February 21, 2013 on the Antioch, California campus of Carrington College California and was attended by over 150 students in their LVN Nursing program, Pharmacy Technicians, Dental Assisting, Massage Therapy, and Medical Assistant programs as well as faculty and administrative staff.


The Health Fair included a display to spread awareness for Testicular and Breast Cancer and the importance of self exams. The display was playfully titled “Touch your junk, it’s the biz” and included anatomical models of the male and female anatomy as well as hands on displays that allowed participants to feel for lumps in the female breasts and the male testicles.


Those who were able to correctly identify the number and size of lumps were awarded with their own set of bouncing balls and/or chicken breast sandwiches. The Health Fair was a huge success and spread the word about testicular cancer to many people who were shocked at the statistics involved and who eagerly collected the brochures to share with their friends, family and loved ones. With a cure rate of 90-100% for early detection, it is a game we can all win with a little awareness and a monthly self exam!




Thanks to Carrington College California for including our brochures in their display.




3 Responses to “Touch Your Junk, It’s the Biz”

  • Ram:

    Its great promote this kind of awareness to teens and young adults. When you are young, you almost feel invincible. It is goof to let kids know that anybody can get cancer and it is good to be aware of the signs, so you ca catch it early.

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  • Mick:

    This display and the education given to the students saved the life of one of the student’s children. After sharing what she had learned at the health fair with her 13 year old son, they discovered a lump on his testicle and was able to have a medical examination and removal of the mass. These sort of displays and assignments in school have a much farther reach than we know. Good job Carrington Nursing students!

  • Mike:

    Wow Mick, this is such great news to hear. It goes to show that a little education can go a long way in helping save lives. We appreciate all the efforts of the Carrington Nursing students and are so grateful that the information was passed along to the student’s son. This just made our year.

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