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Testicular Cancer Survivors Needed for Research

The Need for Research with Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Testicular Cancer Survivors

As survivors we have the opportunity to help pave the road for future young men that are diagnosed. That is why we are very excited that Dr. Melissa Carpentier from the Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research at the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Houston, TX could share with us about her current study with testicular cancer survivors. The following is what she had to say…


Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in AYA men.  Because so much happens in the AYA years…moving out on your own, college/vocational school, work, dating, marriage, children, a diagnosis of testicular cancer at this time can really throw you for a loop.  Unfortunately, there is very little research out there on the impact of testicular cancer during the AYA years.  That’s where we come in…with your help, we hope to fill this gap in research and help others diagnosed with testicular cancer in the future.


The focus of our 5-year, National Cancer Institute funded study is on examining the impact of testicular cancer on romantic relationships and quality of life in the AYA years.  There are 3 phases to our study: individual interviews and focus groups, web-based survey, and web-based intervention program.  Currently, we are recruiting individuals to wrap up our first phase of interviews and focus groups.  Survivors 18 to 39 years, who have completed treatment for testicular cancer within the past 5 years, and who are located in the United States are eligible to participate.


If you are interested in learning more about our study or participating, please contact us toll free, (855) 700-5939, or via email,  You can also find information about our study on our Facebook page: and, in particular, on our FAQs:!/notes/aya-testicular-cancer-research/frequently-asked-questions/236054709850386.


Thanks in advance for considering this research opportunity and please share with any and all testicular cancer survivors you may know.  The more perspectives we have, the better we can identify and meet the needs of AYA testicular cancer survivors!

2 Responses to “Testicular Cancer Survivors Needed for Research”

  • R.Adams:

    19-39 and USA —-the fact that you discriminate with these criteria makes me sick

  • Mike:

    We are sorry that you feel this way. However, every research study needs inclusion and exclusion criteria in order to properly identify the population to which their findings will apply. To clarify, we are also not the primary investigators, but rather are trying to help spread awareness about the study. If there are other studies that you are aware of with more open inclusion criteria then we would be happy to post about them as well. Thanks.

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