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Couples Needed for Cancer Research Study

Participants needed for a study concerning the emotional aspects of cancer care

What implications do your partners’ psychological traits and self-conscious emotional factors have on your emotional responses?


In the Department of Psychology at the University of Sheffield, we are conducting research into how partners’ psychological traits and self-conscious emotional factors might impact on how people with cancer feel about themselves.


The study needs you and your spouse/partner to participate as a pair, but for the study to be valid and produce meaningful results you must complete the survey separately. The study involves filling out a series of short questionnaires and will take approximately 15 minutes. All responses are anonymous and will be treated confidentially.


As part of the research we would like to carry out follow-up administrations of the same set of questionnaires at 2 and 4 weeks following the initial survey. The aim of these follow-ups is to assess and get deeper understanding of people’s responses over time. Further information about the survey will be provided before you and your partner decide whether or not to participate.


A full debrief will be available following participation and we will give participants feedback on the results at the end of the study.


£1 will be donated to Worldwide Cancer Research for every dyad that takes part.


If you are interested in taking part in the research, please use the following link to access the study pages, find out more information and to take part by following the link to the survey below:

The study is password-protected and you will need the following password to log in: sheffpsy


Thanks, your participation is very much appreciated.



Haffiezhah An-Nadiah Azlan

Shop and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

Make Your Holiday Shopping Matter by Shopping for Good.

Imagine having over 3000 stores that are open 24/7 and for every purchase you make the stores make a donation to support our cause.


Well, welcome to Goodshop, an online shopping mall that puts an end to closing times and long lines. By following the links on this blog, every time you make a purchase the Testicular Cancer Society will receive a donation from the participating store. Just click on GoodShop once you reach the main page for onetime purchases or sign up and track your impact throughout the year.


Please help supporting us this Holiday Season and throughout the rest of the year by making your online purchases via GoodShop. The retailers even offer a ton of coupons to help you save a few dollars as well.


Thanks for Your Support,




Shop at Kroger and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

Cincinnati Tri-State Area Kroger Shoppers Supporting the Testicular Cancer Society

Thank You for registering your Kroger cards in 2012 in support of the Testicular Cancer Society. Despite a late start we received a nice donation from Kroger thanks to you registering your cards and shopping.


In order to continue to help the Testicular Cancer Society you must re-register for 2013.

To Renew, Go to Kroger Community Rewards

  • Under “Kroger Community Rewards,” click where it says “Click here to sign in.”
  • Sign in with your email and password.
  • At “Find Your Organization” enter Testicular Cancer Society or 83043 and then save.


If you didn’t register in 2012 you can still help support the Testicular Cancer Society every time you go to Kroger and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

If you’re in the Cincinnati Tristate area (including KY, IN and Dayton) simply register your Kroger Plus Card by going to Kroger Community Rewards and then scroll down to where it says, “Cincinnati, OH” and click “Enroll Now”

You may have to create an online account (if you don’t already have an one). You may have a Krogers Card but not an online account but don’t worry as you can tie your current Krogers card to your new account. Then just pick the Testicular Cancer Society (ID# 83043) as your charity to support.


Kroger will send the Testicular Cancer Society a donation every quarter based on how much our supporters spend.


Thank you so much for your support. While it may not seem like you are doing much you are actually raising quite a bit of money for our organization simply by  registering your card and shopping at Krogers.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated and Needed,

Mike Craycraft

GivingTuesday Reminds Us to Get Involved

We Give Thanks, We Get Deals but What about Giving Back?

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Why is it that as soon as we finish our meal on Thanksgiving our focus shifts from giving thanks to what can we get?


Deals are great but can’t we do something to be greater?


#GivingTuesday™ is a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations.


Changing the focus of a nation from shopping to giving is a monumental task but you can help.


On Tuesday, November 27th, take a moment to see how you can give back. We realize that money is tight and time is limited but there are easy and inexpensive ways for you to Give Back and help make Giving Tuesday a success.


We have a list of 16 Easy Ways to Help the Testicular Cancer Society so considering doing a few this Tuesday and be a part of a changing movement.


Thanks for Your Support,




Testicular Cancer Survivors Needed for Research

The Need for Research with Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Testicular Cancer Survivors

As survivors we have the opportunity to help pave the road for future young men that are diagnosed. That is why we are very excited that Dr. Melissa Carpentier from the Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research at the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Houston, TX could share with us about her current study with testicular cancer survivors. The following is what she had to say…


Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in AYA men.  Because so much happens in the AYA years…moving out on your own, college/vocational school, work, dating, marriage, children, a diagnosis of testicular cancer at this time can really throw you for a loop.  Unfortunately, there is very little research out there on the impact of testicular cancer during the AYA years.  That’s where we come in…with your help, we hope to fill this gap in research and help others diagnosed with testicular cancer in the future.


The focus of our 5-year, National Cancer Institute funded study is on examining the impact of testicular cancer on romantic relationships and quality of life in the AYA years.  There are 3 phases to our study: individual interviews and focus groups, web-based survey, and web-based intervention program.  Currently, we are recruiting individuals to wrap up our first phase of interviews and focus groups.  Survivors 18 to 39 years, who have completed treatment for testicular cancer within the past 5 years, and who are located in the United States are eligible to participate.


If you are interested in learning more about our study or participating, please contact us toll free, (855) 700-5939, or via email,  You can also find information about our study on our Facebook page: and, in particular, on our FAQs:!/notes/aya-testicular-cancer-research/frequently-asked-questions/236054709850386.


Thanks in advance for considering this research opportunity and please share with any and all testicular cancer survivors you may know.  The more perspectives we have, the better we can identify and meet the needs of AYA testicular cancer survivors!

eBay a Better Way and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

When you eBay you can now share away

with the Testicular Cancer Society.

The Testicular Cancer Society is now registered with the eBay Giving Works program and 10%-100% of each of the designated sales will be donated to helping support the mission of the Testicular Cancer Society.


Buyers can visit the Testicular Cancer Society eBay Giving Works page and click on the “Buy” tab to search for items that go to help support our cause. The page lists items that other sellers have dedicated a portion of the sale as a donation to the Testicular Cancer Society.


Sellers can now designate 10%-100% of the sale of their listed item to be donated to the Testicular Cancer Society. As part of the donation eBay will discount your listing fees. Your item will also feature the eBay Giving Works ribbon which has been shown to increase the amount people pay for items. This is a great way to sell some items, make some money and support our cause. Sellers can refer to more detailed information about listing items on eBay Giving Works.

It All Adds Up!

Go to the

Testicular Cancer Society eBay Giving Works page

 and Support Our Cause.


Donating Airline Miles with the TestiFLY Program

Are you a Traveling Warrior? A Man of the Miles? A Lady of the Landings?

Do you have so many airlines miles that you could never end up using them all?

In short, you can help the Testicular Cancer Society get to where we need to be by donating your miles and enjoying a tax-deduction at the same time. Simply contact us and we will add you to our list. The next time we need to book a flight to a conference or speaking engagement we will simply send you an email to see if your offer still stands.


Here is how our TestiFLY Program works. We will use Delta Airlines as an example.


Airlines allow you to donate your unused miles to charity. Unfortunately, the airlines choose which charities are eligible to receive your donations. We think this is unfair.


Airlines also allow you to transfer your miles to another frequent flyer member but they charge you. Delta Airlines charges $0.01 per mile and a transaction fee. Thus, to transfer 30,000 miles to a member of the Testicular Cancer Society so that they can book a flight it will cost $300 to transfer the miles plus a $30 transaction fee. We think this is too expensive.


Now here is how the TestiFLY Program works. You simply contact the Testicular Cancer Society and let us know that you are interested in our TestiFLY Program and with which airline you have miles. When a member of the Testicular Cancer Society needs to book a flight to a conference, speaking engagement or awareness event, we will email you to see if your offer to help still stands. If it does, we simply give you our member’s information and flight details and ask that you book the flight via the airlines using your frequent flyer miles. It is that simple. We think this works.


Airlines allow you to use your frequent flyer miles to book flights even if you are not the person traveling. Thus, your miles can be used to book a flight for one of our members and ultimately benefit the Testicular Cancer Society. Now, you may want to consult a tax expert but since the miles do have a monetary value, easily estimated at $0.01/mile, by booking a flight you have made a donation in kind to the Testicular Cancer Society and that value should be tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3 organization.


Help us to keep educating men about testicular cancer by Joining our TestiFLY Program.



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