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Shop and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

Make Your Holiday Shopping Matter by Shopping for Good.

Imagine having over 3000 stores that are open 24/7 and for every purchase you make the stores make a donation to support our cause.


Well, welcome to Goodshop, an online shopping mall that puts an end to closing times and long lines. By following the links on this blog, every time you make a purchase the Testicular Cancer Society will receive a donation from the participating store. Just click on GoodShop once you reach the main page for onetime purchases or sign up and track your impact throughout the year.


Please help supporting us this Holiday Season and throughout the rest of the year by making your online purchases via GoodShop. The retailers even offer a ton of coupons to help you save a few dollars as well.


Thanks for Your Support,




One Ball Golf Outing for Testicular Cancer Research

One Ball Golf Outing

The Testicular Cancer Society Partners with GiveForward

Being diagnosed with cancer is expensive and almost all of us could use some help with those expenses. That is why the Testicular Cancer Society partners with GiveForward, a company that provides free fundraising pages to help with those medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs.














































eBay a Better Way and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

When you eBay you can now share away

with the Testicular Cancer Society.

The Testicular Cancer Society is now registered with the eBay Giving Works program and 10%-100% of each of the designated sales will be donated to helping support the mission of the Testicular Cancer Society.


Buyers can visit the Testicular Cancer Society eBay Giving Works page and click on the “Buy” tab to search for items that go to help support our cause. The page lists items that other sellers have dedicated a portion of the sale as a donation to the Testicular Cancer Society.


Sellers can now designate 10%-100% of the sale of their listed item to be donated to the Testicular Cancer Society. As part of the donation eBay will discount your listing fees. Your item will also feature the eBay Giving Works ribbon which has been shown to increase the amount people pay for items. This is a great way to sell some items, make some money and support our cause. Sellers can refer to more detailed information about listing items on eBay Giving Works.

It All Adds Up!

Go to the

Testicular Cancer Society eBay Giving Works page

 and Support Our Cause.


GiveForward and Fundraising for Testicular Cancer Patients

When facing off against testicular cancer one thing that may come across your mind are the financial difficulties associated with the battle. Questions start to build up. Am I going to be able to work? How am I going to pay for treatments? Am I going to be able to pay my other bills? How can I get help?

Our first suggestion to help with the financial struggles is to set up a page on GiveForward. GiveForward provides free fundraising pages that empower friends and family to raise money for loved ones’ medical expenses. The website has helped thousands of families to raise millions of dollars for things like chemotherapy, organ transplant and travel expenses.

To give you more insight into GiveForward we asked friend and GiveForward Co-Founder Ethan Austin if he could share a few words with us about their services.

Mike asked me to write a post about why setting up a GiveForward fundraising page for a friend or for yourself is a good idea.  Here are three good reasons!

Money: Each year cancer patients spend over $25 billion to pay for out-of-pocket costs like travel expenses and co-pays not covered by insurance.  The reality is that no matter how wealthy a person is or how good his insurance plan is, everyone can always use a little extra money when facing cancer.

Hope: We hear all the time from users that as important as the financial support is, the words of encouragment from friends and family is sometimes even more important. [note, click on the “donors” tab in the link above to see the words of encouragement].

Empowerment: Friends and family want to help, but most of the time they feel helpless if they don’t live near the person battling cancer.  By setting up a GiveForward page for a friend or for yourself you empower friends and family to actively participate in the recovery of someone they love.

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Keep in mind that GiveForward isn’t just for cancer fighters but rather for anyone that needs some help with fundraising. Many times people will set up an account at a local bank to accept donations but these banks don’t accept credit/debit card transactions and many people just won’t take the time to write a check and mail it. GiveForward not only accepts debit/credit card donations but also the link to your fundraising page can easily be sent via email or posted on websites.

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