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Worlds Cutest Testicles

Testicular Cancer PSA

AOL Cause of the Day

Testicular Cancer Society was the Cause of the Day

On July 8th the Testicular Cancer Society was featured as the Cause of the Day on the AOL homepage as part of the AOL Impact program. The link went to our own Testicular Cancer Society AOL Impact page that contained additional information about our organization. With the millions of AOL homepage viewers this was a big step in helping us try to reach the 38 million men in the U.S. that are most at risk for testicular cancer. A huge Thank You to AOL Impact for helping us make a difference.

Testicular Cancer Society as Cause of the Day

Together We Will Win Down With The Cause

Did the post title confuse you?

Well, we have posted about them before but now they are together on Ian’s Episode: Together We Will Win on The Ordinary Guy Network.


Take the time to listen to Karen McWhirt, author of  Together We Will Win and Jon Lewchenko, founder of Down With The Cause are together as they talk about testicular cancer. It was a great interview that hits home as to why testicular cancer awareness is so important. Listen today and then tell the young men in your life about testicular cancer tonight.


Also, be sure to check out Karen’s book, Together We Will Win and Jon’s organization Down With The Cause.


To learn more about Karen and Jon check out our previous posts: What happens When We Don’t Talk About Testicular Cancer and Are You Down With The Cause.


Remember, talk to the young men in your life about testicular cancer.




Skate4Cancer. Check Your Balls. Dream. Love. Cure.

In 2006, when I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer, I learned of Skate4Cancer (S4C). It was back when everyone was on Myspace and I was searching around looking for other people that mentioned being a testicular cancer survivor. I would try to strike up a friendship so that I could learn more about the disease and what to expect.

While searching around I ran into Skate4Cancer ( and I was immediately attracted but it wasn’t just with their Myspace page. I began seeing S4C in other people’s Myspace names and immediately felt like I knew them. S4C was a young, positive voice in the fight against cancer. It was a gathering of people with similar experiences and desires and it was just what I had been looking for. S4C was one of the organizations that I learned from and wanted to emulate when forming the Testicular Cancer Society.

So why am I sharing all of this with you now?

I am excited to share that the Testicular Cancer Society has teamed up with Skate4Cancer as part of their “The Cure Is Knowledge” Check Your Balls Campaign. It excites me that almost 5 years from the day I first found S4C and found hope in their messages that I am now in The Cure Is Knowledge fight with them. The Check Your Balls Campaign is aimed to help educate young men on the importance of self-testicular exams as a way to help fight against testicular cancer. I was able to share my story on their campaign page as well.

With testicular cancer “The Cure Is Knowledge.” Testicular cancer has highly effective treatments yet there are still young men dying from the disease. The reason for this is the lack of knowledge. Too many young men don’t know that they are at risk for testicular cancer, they don’t know how to do or aren’t aware of the importance of self-testicular exams and if they do notice something wrong they don’t seek medical attention soon enough. These delays in diagnosis lead to more complicated treatments and even death.

More on Skate4Cancer

Skate4cancer is an organization founded on the importance of engaging youth in cancer prevention. The skateboard world raised them, so working at a street level is what they know and their grassroots approach reflects it. By spreading this excitement and contagious way of thinking through epic skate marathons around the world, S4C has nurtured a strong, supportive community which they are dedicated to expanding.

Armed with the understanding that 80% of cancers can be prevented with early detection and healthy lifestyles, their “The Cure is Knowledge” campaigns propose that the only cure currently available is knowledge. They aim to create a public awareness of these forms of cancer, emphasizing the importance of understanding our bodies and family histories.

By creating educational campaigns that are easy to understand, they hope to inspire youth to incorporate preventative methods into their busy lives. Their goal is to bring together a community in support of these movements that passes the knowledge on to others. By instilling positive habits in young people they can create a generation of people that are well informed on preventative healthy living and familiarity with their bodies.

Skate4Cancer was somewhat of a crazy dream of Rob Dyer’s and this year they celebrated their 8th anniversary. Check out their short-documentary about the last 8 years.

Are You Down With The Cause?

Since joining the crazy cancer community almost 5 years ago I have learned a few absolutes that exist with Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer.

  1. Cancer really does suck. Down With The Cause
  2. You’re never too young to have cancer.
  3. The earlier you are diagnosed the better.
  4. We Need More Awareness!!!

I am excited to announce a new campaign to help with the awareness part: Down With The Cause

Down With The Cause is a non-profit organization helping spread awareness of ovarian & testicular cancer among college students by college students. This new and upcoming movement, started by Jon Lewchenko in the Chicagoland area, is sure to be a hit. Besides raising awareness of ovarian cancer and testicular cancer amongst college students, Down With The Cause will also aid the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and the Testicular Cancer Society.

We are excited to be working with Jon and co-promoting ovarian and testicular cancer awareness. There are approximately 22,000 cases of ovarian cancer per year and 1,100 of those cases occur in women younger than 35 years old. Testicular cancer is the number one cancer for males aged 15-35. It is time that we come together and make a stand for both causes together.

So get down with your bad self and get Down With The Cause.
Help spread the word, raise awareness and support a new cause.

Testicular Cancer and Cell Phones

The jury is still out as to the risk of testicular cancer caused by cell phones. Instead of jumping into this debate we would rather give you the answer to a different question:

Can cell phones help battle testicular cancer? YES!!

Testicular Cancer Checker, a new free application for iPhone and iPod touch users has been launched by PSJ  Investments Limited from the UK. This app allows you to schedule monthly reminders to conduct self-testicular exams. The user can set the date and time that is convenient for the monthly exam so that it isn’t missed. If someone isn’t sure how to do a self-testicular exam the app takes care of that as well. The app gives detailed instructions and guidance and most importantly reminds the user to see a doctor quickly if a lump is detected.

The Testicular Cancer Checker is available in the AppStore for FREE. Don’t just download the app but be sure to share it with other men. Not only does it serve as a reminder to conduct regular exams but it can also be used to educate other men on how exactly to conduct a self-testicular exam.

Using the app can help you and sharing the app could help save another man’s life.

Would you feel awkward telling another guy about the Testicular Cancer Checker?

Well, why don’t you have him ask you about it?

There is no better way to trigger a conversation about cell phones and testicular cancer than with a little ball swag.

Don’t just protect your iPhone (and balls) but make a statement with Phoneballs!! Yep, silicone iPhone protectors are now available that come with testicles dangling from them. Not only can you protect your phone and create conversation about testicles and testicular cancer but 10% of the proceeds are donated to the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation.

There you go, all the tools you need to use your phone to fight testicular cancer.

Now get out there and spread the word by talking balls!!!

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