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Caregiver Spotlights

Testicular Cancer Caregiver Story SymbolCaregiver Spotlights:

Testicular Cancer Caregiver Stories

Caregiver Spotlights helps put a face to those caregivers affected by testicular cancer by having caregivers share their stories in their own words.


There are over 200,000 testicular cancer survivors in the U.S. alone and each diagnosis affects many more people then just the cancer survivor. Caregivers are our friends, family and health care professional who are affected just as much as the guy diagnosed. Your story, knowledge and experience can provide hope, inspiration and information to help pave the road for future caregivers.


We invite you to share your story in any manner that you would like but with the overall theme of “how can my story help pave the road for others?” However, these are your stories so you are free to write whatever you would like.


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Submission Guidelines:

  • Suggested maximum length of 2500 words but it is your story so you make the final call.
  • Maximum of 3 photos but again it is your call.
  • If a video submission please keep it to under 3 minutes. The videos will be posted on our YouTube Channel.


We look forward to hearing your story so if you would like to share it please contact us via the form below and let us know that you would like to be in our Caregiver Spotlight and we will contact you about submitting your story.


Thanks for Sharing,

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