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Archive for July, 2016

Jeff Roe and Political Testicles?

On the July 21st Chris Stigall Show, Jeff Roe, Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign manager said that Governor Chris Christie had, “turned over his political testicles long ago.”


What are Political Testicles @jeffroe and can women turn over their Political Ovaries? Click To Tweet


Does losing one’s political testicles make them less of a man? Does it make them less virtuous? Does it make them less capable? Does one need political testicles?


There are hundreds of thousands of testicular cancer survivors that have lost a testicle(s) and yet they have accomplished amazing things in their lives. Some may even admit that their accomplishments would not have happened had they not been diagnosed with testicular cancer.


Mr. Roe can make disparaging remarks about whomever he would like, however, involving testicles into a feeble, sophomoric punchline does noting but insult those that are facing the long-term challenges of a missing testicle(s).


Instead of insulting hundreds of thousands of men, perhaps Mr. Jeff Roe could use his platform to speak about testicles in a proper manner. For example, he could ask why millions of young men are not being educated about testicular cancer in schools.


As the founder of a 501(c)3 nonprofit I do not get involved with politics and I am certainly not defending Governor Christie. But, I do ask Mr. Jeff Roe, what are political testicles and can women lose their political ovaries?



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