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Archive for December, 2013

House of Coq Partners with the Testicular Cancer Society

House of Coq is a new Cause Partner.

House of Coq

House of Coq™ is a Chicago-based men’s lifestyle apparel brand who’s mission is to bring awareness to cancers that exclusively impact men. Their smart and original designs on premium apparel help unify all men.


In following their mission they have committed to donate 10% of their sales to front-line organizations in the fight against prostate and testicular cancer.


House of Coq™ has designated the Testicular Cancer Society as their primary beneficiary and has committed to donate at least 6% of their sales to the Testicular Cancer Society.


Their witty, classic and original creations are updated quarterly and provide ever-changing and updated apparel for a cause.


Please join us in thanking the House of Coq™ for supporting our mission by shopping, liking and following their brand.


Just in case you are wondering, Coq is French for rooster.


Thanks for Your Support,

Mike Signature




Remembering a Dad Lost to Testicular Cancer

Welcome Home Dad – Francis O’Connell


Frankie O’Connell Jr. passed away in April 2004 after a ten month battle with testicular cancer. With his passing he left behind 3 children, Jaclyn, Frankie III and Ryan. Nine years later, as a freshman in college, Frankie III, composed a charcoal drawing that really shows a glimpse into how testicular cancer and the loss of his dad has affected his life.


In Frankie III’s words:

Welcome Home Dad – Francis O’Connell

This piece was a charcoal drawing done for my Drawing II. The prompt was a transgender self portrait, but I pushed that to be more of a metaphorical sense. The hammer and beer bottle symbolize the things I never got to do with my dad for the first time, build or fix things, learn how to construct, and have my first beer with my dad. My dad passed of testicular cancer when I was nine and that what the misshapen and deformed genital area represents. So to fit the transgender guidelines, I feel that I missed out on learning these things that society says makes you a man. This piece is 6 feet tall by about 2 and a half feet.

Welcome Home Dad

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