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Archive for October, 2011

eBay a Better Way and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

When you eBay you can now share away

with the Testicular Cancer Society.

The Testicular Cancer Society is now registered with the eBay Giving Works program and 10%-100% of each of the designated sales will be donated to helping support the mission of the Testicular Cancer Society.


Buyers can visit the Testicular Cancer Society eBay Giving Works page and click on the “Buy” tab to search for items that go to help support our cause. The page lists items that other sellers have dedicated a portion of the sale as a donation to the Testicular Cancer Society.


Sellers can now designate 10%-100% of the sale of their listed item to be donated to the Testicular Cancer Society. As part of the donation eBay will discount your listing fees. Your item will also feature the eBay Giving Works ribbon which has been shown to increase the amount people pay for items. This is a great way to sell some items, make some money and support our cause. Sellers can refer to more detailed information about listing items on eBay Giving Works.

It All Adds Up!

Go to the

Testicular Cancer Society eBay Giving Works page

 and Support Our Cause.


Donating Airline Miles with the TestiFLY Program

Are you a Traveling Warrior? A Man of the Miles? A Lady of the Landings?

Do you have so many airlines miles that you could never end up using them all?

In short, you can help the Testicular Cancer Society get to where we need to be by donating your miles and enjoying a tax-deduction at the same time. Simply contact us and we will add you to our list. The next time we need to book a flight to a conference or speaking engagement we will simply send you an email to see if your offer still stands.


Here is how our TestiFLY Program works. We will use Delta Airlines as an example.


Airlines allow you to donate your unused miles to charity. Unfortunately, the airlines choose which charities are eligible to receive your donations. We think this is unfair.


Airlines also allow you to transfer your miles to another frequent flyer member but they charge you. Delta Airlines charges $0.01 per mile and a transaction fee. Thus, to transfer 30,000 miles to a member of the Testicular Cancer Society so that they can book a flight it will cost $300 to transfer the miles plus a $30 transaction fee. We think this is too expensive.


Now here is how the TestiFLY Program works. You simply contact the Testicular Cancer Society and let us know that you are interested in our TestiFLY Program and with which airline you have miles. When a member of the Testicular Cancer Society needs to book a flight to a conference, speaking engagement or awareness event, we will email you to see if your offer to help still stands. If it does, we simply give you our member’s information and flight details and ask that you book the flight via the airlines using your frequent flyer miles. It is that simple. We think this works.


Airlines allow you to use your frequent flyer miles to book flights even if you are not the person traveling. Thus, your miles can be used to book a flight for one of our members and ultimately benefit the Testicular Cancer Society. Now, you may want to consult a tax expert but since the miles do have a monetary value, easily estimated at $0.01/mile, by booking a flight you have made a donation in kind to the Testicular Cancer Society and that value should be tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3 organization.


Help us to keep educating men about testicular cancer by Joining our TestiFLY Program.



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